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on DeviantArt

My page at DeviantArt, where I have posted many of my drawings and commissioned artworks.
jedsart Store

My store at CafePress, where many posters
and other miscellanea are for sale.

A gallery in Santa Barbara where I
show my art from time to time.

A friend's website:
sculptural stained glass art combining
recycled materials and glass.

Santa Barbara
Sculptors' Guild

An association of Santa Barbara area
sculptors, of which I am a member.

The website of a fellow collegian of mine,
a very peculiar painter amongst other things.

More of my pictures of the fantasy,
sword and sorcery, Dungeons and Dragons sort.
Hosted by Elfwood.

A consortium of writers and artists
with a passion for all things
fantastic, including fantasy role-playing.

The website of a friend of mine,
who makes landscape paintings of the
California Coast.

The website of a friend of mine,
devoted to comic reviews,
comic book culture, and youthful curmudgeonery.
Muscles of Dee Kay
[ Muscles of Dee Kay ]
Muscles of Dee Kay
This site has a bunch of links to women's bodybuilding sites,
and art sites devoted to same.
Here you will find a collection of artwork by Mikazuki, which includes muscular and strong women, yuri, fanart of her favourite manga & anime, and samurai of old Japan.